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What is the best approach to life and what I learned over the years.

Do you remember how you felt when received your first paycheck? I do. It was this incredible sensation of knowing I have entered the fortunate club of the workforce circle and officially started my financial independence! No more asking for money from my Mom. I was to be the proud owner of my own financial destiny!
Working was great, and I felt that I could do anything, purchase anything, travel, buy a car, and even rent my own place.
I believe this is something a lot of us have gone through when starting to work, and finally having a sense of achievement and security of “I did It”!

Fast forward 20 something years later and after working for a startup, Fortune 500 corporations, starting my own business, and having a family to take care of, I have learned that paychecks need to be more than just a way to feel great about yourself and gratifying immediate needs/wants. Paychecks need to be used to plan and to save, and are amongst the most important tools to build a solid financial stability and secure your future.

The rise and fall in our cycles of life can take us to the highest of places and sometimes can throw us down to the bottom. I experienced these ups and downs in some aspects of my life.

In retrospect had I had a comprehensive plan in place the “downs” would have been a lot easier to handle.

We all need to plan and be prepared for the things we don’t want to happen. Life can change in a split of a second, and if not prepared, it can be brutal. We are often surrounded by the comforts of life. It’s great when good things happen, especially when we don’t plan for them, then we say we are so lucky and life is great, until disaster strikes. The roller coaster of life is unpredictable and can change direction in a moment’s notice (or with no notice at all). It’s better to be prepared for the unknown than to stumble down the mountain of comfort you have built in your life.

So, what does it mean to plan?

During my career I had to plan, budget and execute business plans and activities for various companies for them to achieve their business goals with minimum risks. A successful plan combined many factors and always had a mitigation plan for “what if” scenarios. Sometimes all risk scenarios were covered and thought through and sometimes they weren’t. The same rules apply in our personal life. If you plan your life (as much as we possibly can) there is a good chance you will achieve your goals. It’s much better than just letting things happen and simply hoping that you will be successful.
A solid plan covers your current situation, where you want to be in the future, i.e., your goals and dreams, and an action plan to bridge today into the future. It also, needs to have a mitigation plan if things don’t work out exactly like you thought they will. In short, a look at your current lifestyle, your projected future lifestyle, your actions, and create a risk mitigation plan. All this is translated into a day-to-day financial security as without the financial aspect nothing will be achieved. Even if it’s the greatest spiritual invention of the century it requires funds to make it happen. This is the reason why building a financial security plan is so important!


Plan your future

What is a financial security plan?

A good financial security plan looks at the individual’s current assets and liabilities, budget and cash flow, investment profile, future lifestyle goals, family lifestyle, major purchases (like a home, car, or even a big vacation). It also takes into consideration education funds, retirement needs, and provides a security plan for the unforeseen events of life. It can also factor legacy and tax planning, as well as living benefits.

With so many factors in place to consider it is understandable that such a plan is not easily crafted and requires knowledge and commitment. Some take the approach of DIY (Do It Yourself) and others consult a professional. At the end of the day when the rubber meets the road and an action is required to implement a plan it’s the professionals that help execute it. So, working with a professional financial security advisor from the get go definitely has its’ benefits.


Where to start? – is a comprehensive financial security plan robo advisor (and I emphasis the security as it’s not an investment robo advisor). I envisioned and built EquiBlocks as part of my desire to help individuals and families create their financial security plan. EquiBlocks makes it easy and clear to understand what actions need to be taken to create a responsible financial independence. The visual illustration helps you understand how current financial actions impact future goals and what actions need to be taken to achieve these goals.

I invite you to plan your future. Create your EquiBlocks account and start your responsible financial independence by creating your financial security plan.

How do you operate? Do you have a plan in place? What do you think? Share your thoughts.

David Zohar

David Zohar

Founder, Financial Security Advisor, Group insurance plans, Dealing Representative of Mutual Fund Dealer, B.A. Economics and Management (Finance & Economics)

David Zohar is founder and an avid technology professional. David holds a B.A. in Finance and Economics major in Finance and Economics. He worked with various organization from startups to Fortune 500 companies around the world leading international programs. His passion is to help others achieve their dreams and goals by providing life experience and professional advice.

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